The industrie activites of Schwendler & CO KG go back to 1948. In this time it was a subsidiary of "ALLA-WERKE KG" from Bochum. In 1952, it was taken over of Rudolf Schwendler as single owner.

The company manufacture measuring intruments for temperature. Most of this based on ceramic materials. Its are used in the ceramic industry and coal, iron, steel industry too. In engineering its wellknown in term of "Pyrometric" or thermo- electrical measurement.

On the same base Schwendler manufacture special instruments which care for safety in mines.

In the 70 'ths the product programm was increased substantial. It were added kiln furnitures for almost all kiln-burning systems which are used in tile industry. The raw materials are equivalent to the above mentioned products.

With a turnover of about 12 million DM the products are sold in the first ten industrial states. 70 % of all products go due back to export. A sign for quality and need of products for the ceramic industrie.

As further proof you have to notice the strong extension of the company. Today the company have one marketing company in France and two product plants in Italy. Today the Company have 140 employees

On it, it is kept up representations in all european countries as soon as the north and the south of America and the south-east of Asia.

In 1997 Schwendler was certified according to ISO 9001, as one of the first in this branch . It has been lead that all products are manufactured under strict control of quality

As a activly and dedicated policy of the company, schwendler has one of the widest productranges of kiln furnitures in the world